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Sourcing Trends 19./20 th sept 2017 Hamburg Villa Rissen


We support a rather short way from agriculture to production

Access to direct sales of certified raw material with a network of organic producers in need your offer with sales agents of bigger companies to support if neccesary

 We have an active netwiork to support sales

 We a dealing with a real and existing demand of certified quality products

And we actively bring together your offer with the demand of our network-partners


A g e n d a  19. and 20. September 2017  Haus Rissen Hamburg


Starting with a Business-Lunch  12.oo – 13.oo Uhr Welcome to the participants

 13.15  Organic in a growing consumer market

Which ist he supply of growing markets in Europe? Where does raw material come fromn?

Facts an figures with market research oft AMI-informiert


Offers, possibilities and contrascts in a wide range of raw matgerial

Organic agriculture, suppliers, possibilities, new ideas – short  presentations

 16.00 – 16.3o  Coffee-Break/ tea-time


Securing organic quality for the mass market: The idea of a general firewall as a guarantee of good organic products. Specialists of Eurofins Peter Voegeler und Dr.Markus Zell give hints a experience with an idea odf testing an analysis


Consumer confidence and the question which are social parameters important to the consumers

Statements of social standard experts



The typical question to the market: „an appropriate price of organic food ?“



 Get-together Meeting people at the buffet and at the bar. Booths of selected suppliers to visit and to talk


20. September


„If you want to know exactly, what you are offering to your clients“  A big chain will share principles of buying and selecting offers



Innovation and new idees

A selection of short-cut-presentations of participants from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Eastern Europe to inspire concerning possibilities

In-between Coffee-Break/ tea-time

  12.oo Conclusion

 12.30 Business-Lunch  Get-together before leaving Visiting booths and contacts

 Inportant : This year we should have your insciption early because the guest-hous of Villa Rissen is closed and we had to do reservations in the neighboring hot els with a limited space. So be can only offer rooms to the 10 of auguste not later.

. For informations and any other requests:            Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Holstein

0049  7243 7668560                                          kjhiolstein@foodexpertise.eu


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